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We're the ultimate niche recruiting service for small business

"We will work closely with you to ensure that every detail for your job description is understood and developed for optimal sourcing, taking feedback as necessary to ensure we're consistently on the right track."

                                                                                        - James Chen, CEO

At a glance...

  • Typical client size: 12 to 800 employees

  • Sectors and fields covered: Defense contracting, IT managed services, RDT&E: hardware/software engineering, DevSecOps, GIS, Geospatial/Satellite, STEM, Data analytics. Coming soon - Financial analysis, M&A, and Quantitative analysis

  • Longest tenured placement: 5+ years

  • Greatest customer impact: 35% increase in total personnel; successful placement up to Director-level

  • 9-years success in the business, supporting SMBs regionally and now across the country

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